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Beautiful photography requires honest connection and trust from you as the couple and me as the photographer. Having these two things lay the foundation to the timeless photographs that’ll one day tell the story of your love + legacy.

After being in the wedding industry for over 6 years, and documenting just over 200 weddings, I know this one thing to be true across the board...

I'm Patty!

I am passionate about giving you the kind of photographs you never knew you needed.



Family, Legacy

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I gained a deep appreciation for photography and capturing more than just your look at the camera and say cheese moments. I’ve learned to document life as it unfolds all while keeping you and your story at the forefront.

No one ever likes to think about losing someone they love, but the truth is we all will someday experience loss. Almost a decade ago I lost my mom, losing her completely changed my outlook on life and helped me become present to the moments happening in front of me.

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the heart

The Patty Leonor Experience

are more precious than gold.

photographs with the people you love

i believe that

I went to school to be a Spanish teacher but never taught.

dream destinations for weddings include, Spain, Greece, pretty much anywhere in Europe

My go to coffee order is an iced vanilla latte.

I am one of six siblings - #3 in the lineup!

I married the boy I sat next to the first time I rode the city bus. 

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