my story in a nutshell

I am a proud daughter of immigrants, a first generation college graduate and at 20 years old I unexpectedly lost my mom. 

Why do I share this? Because my life experiences have taught me to work hard, always be willing to intentionally serve, and to love deep.

I know that life is short and photos with the people you love are like gold. My promise is to give you photos that keep you & people you love at the center.  

patty Leonor

work with me

weddings photographed


5 star reviews


weddings a year


cups of coffee a day


what I really love:

my husband ruben

sunsets & Sunrises

historic art & architecture  

everything spain

we are complete opposites, but are the same where it truly matters. We got married 11-11-17

World History was always my best subject in school, and as I got older, it has influenced my love for historical things.

the place where I fell in love with photography, a place that feels like home and brings me peace. The dream is to retire here.

as a believer, I feel like God has always talked to me through sunrises and sunsets. They can take any hard day and put me at peace. 

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