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I could sit here and write out a list of qualities about myself as a Grand Rapids and Detroit wedding photographer, but none of those would truly mean anything without first knowing my story. While I am sure I could write a book about my life, I'll give you the cliff notes version. After all if I am going to be telling your story, you deserve to know a little bit of mine. 

daughter of immigrants & 1 of 6 siblings

My parents left Mexico in 1990 to come to the U.S.
With hopes and dreams of something more, they began to build a life together. Growing up in a family where English was not my parents first language, presented its own challenges, but they always worked hard to provide the best life they could for us. We did not grow up having extended family to lean on, but we always had each other. 

a semester in spain & new found love

August of 2012 - I was a sophomore in college and somehow convinced my very over protective parents to that I needed to study abroad. For a semester I lived in Burgos, Spain where I discovered my love for taking photos. Knowing there was a chance my parents would never be able to travel because of their immigration status, I wanted to be able to share my experiences with them. Photographs allowed me to connect them to this new world. Upon returning to the U.S. I purchased my first camera and began taking photos for fun.  

the moment that changed everything

December 30, 2013 - I got the news that forever changed my life - my best friend,  biggest cheerleader, my mom passed away while taking a nap. There is so many more details I could go into but loosing is the hardest thing I've had to endure.  Everything I once thought I wanted for myself was now in question. All that was left were the memories and photographs of us to hold onto.
I was 20 at the time and still in college...

First generation college graduate

I was in my junior year when my mom passed. As one would do, I began analyzing life and what was actually important. I knew pretty quickly that I did not want to be a teacher. I was already so close to the finish line that I decided I would finish anyways. So I did, and became the first in my family to graduate, June of 2015.  

My first wedding

After graduation I picked up a random job at my university. I had given myself a year to figure out what I wanted to do next. June of 2016 two of my friends asked me if I would photograph their wedding. I couldn't say no, I had met both of them during study abroad she was in the program, and we met him at a church we became part of while in Spain. After their wedding I remember driving home and knowing that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to become a wedding photographer. 

endings & beginnings

By October of 2017, I made the choice to quit my job and chase photography at full force. Life had taught me so many lessons, but some of the most important being, life is too short, do something that makes you happy. My mom was only 41 when she passed, still so young. Secondly, photographs with the people we love are like buried treasure, they are only increase in value as the years go on, and you become so thankful to have them. 

my wedding experience

I got married November 11, 2017- When I was looking for a wedding photographer I remember feeling discouraged that no one seemed to know how to edit skin tones for interracial couples to still look like themselves. When I finally did find someone, I planned my day around her, keeping the integrity of  our backgrounds and skin tone was important to me. 


While I am human and am bound to make mistakes here’s what I can promise you: 

- to embrace your family as if they were my own

- allow you the space to tell your story

- walk alongside you and listen to your ideas and concerns

- help ground you and remind you of what is important

- to keep the integrity of your skin tones & true colors of your day.

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we've been married for almost 5 years, together for 7 years and best friends for 10 years.


Simply put, I am always up for an adventure. Especially one that includes hopping on a plane!


World History was always my best subject in school, till this day I am fascinated by historic architecture. I will most likely drool if you get married in a cathedral. 


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