5 Tips for Writing Personal Wedding Vows

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  1. Set the tone of your vows:

    • decide together if the promises you make to one another will match or be completely unique/ personal.

  2. Share a personal story or memory:

    • it’s always beautiful to hear stories and memories that maybe the other had no idea you paid attention to.

  3. Don’t try to include everything:

    • if there’s anything I’ve learned being married is that there will be a lifetime of new promises made and old memories brought up. It’s almost impossible to fit every single emotion, feeling, memory and story—and that’s totally okay!

  4. Write them in at least two places:

    • chances are you’ll want to write your vows on something cute to hold at your wedding. If you decide to go this route, I highly suggest typing up a copy and keeping it on a Google Doc or on the cloud so it stays safe. That way if there any chance your vows are misplaced you have another copy.

  5. Actually make promises:

    • vows aren’t just supposed to be cute stories and memories. A vow is a promise, a commitment that you are making to the person you are marrying. Not all your promises have to be serious, they can also be cute/ funny.

I know I said 5 tips, but I want to add this last thought.

Don’t be afraid to show emotion, or affection during your vows. This moment in the ceremony is a big deal. I have how the body language of hundreds of my couples shift when it comes time to vows because it starts to feel real. If at any point while you’re reading your vows you want to lean over and kiss their cheek, do it, want to hold their hand? Do it. Want to move closer? Do it. 

This is your wedding day, the start of your marriage, your vows! You deserve to speak these in whatever way feels real to you!

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